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Welcome to Focus Power Solutions

We have over 30 years combined experience and we strive to be the most reliable name in the industry providing complete power protection solutions.

We offer end-to-end services from pre-sales support including site surveys & system design, supply of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), power conversion and back-up battery systems through to after-sales support including installation & commissioning and we have options for UPS health checks, maintenance and service packages and responsible disposal and recycling for all your hazardous equipment and batteries at end of life.

Full Project Installation

Full Project Installation

From consultation and design to delivery, installation & after-sales care, we can help with any size project big or small. Call us & we can make sure your project is hassle free.

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UPS Maintenance

Uninterruptible power supply systems need bi-annual maintenance as a minimum carried out regardless of their environment. Servicing your UPS regularly gives you confidence it will perform when needed.

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Battery Maintenance

All battery types need regular checks & certain battery types need more frequent checks. If you are unsure or need further advice we are more than happy to advise.

Battery Replacement

Battery Replacement

Sometimes batteries fail. This can be picked up early with impedance testing but if they do fail we can replace them for you and even safely and responsibly dispose of your old batteries as we are registered with the environment agency.

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24/7 Emergency Call Out

No need to panic, at Focus Power we work night & day to keep you running. If your load drops or you have an electrical emergency at any time call us for timely support.

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Impedance Testing

Impedance Testing is a non-intrusive way of health checking your batteries. Regular impedance testing enables you to build a history allowing you to identify signs of early failure preventing more expensive damage.

Our Philosophy

We aim to give our customers the right solutions to fit their business needs, applications, and budgets. We won’t upsell and we are not exclusively affiliated to any suppliers or manufacturers, and we have experience working on equipment from all the major OEMs. This means we can provide fully independent advice and services tailored to you.

our philosophy
our mission

Our Mission

To provide our customers in the U.K. and across Europe with safe, efficient and stable back-up power whatever the application.

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Please complete our online enquiry phone or give us a ring on 01782 914400

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